Olin College Library Circulation Desk

Design, Fabrication, Interior Architecture

The Olin College Library is transforming from a reference and circulation-based institution into a flexible space based on bring together the different communities at Olin.

Interior Architecture

The circulation desk project was the Library's first opportunity to manifest their new mission in a peice of permanent infrastructure for their space.

We were interested in creating an eye-catching success story for the Library. Something visually appealing, that could pave the way for continued experimentation in the space by administrators and students alike.


It was important for the desk to be accessible to students, we located library-wide supplies and stationary in a surface behind the main desk to encourage students to step behind the desk and break the barrier conceptual barrier between the librarian and their constituency.

The Olin College Library lends tools as well as books. A return shelf allows them to accomodate returns of larger objects and builds transparency – literally – into the circulation process.


We don't tend glamorize the fabrication process. But, the complexity and novelty of the fabrication for the circulation desk demanded a special approach. A hard copy of our construction documents hangs on a wall across from the entrance, adding a pedagogical component to students' experience of the desk.

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